Who We Are?

New Conscience in Action - NCA International - is a Christian and an international organization. The NGO is created in 2009 in Lome, Togo,in West Africa,  by young people who have in common the desire to see the world became a better place where to live, with focus on God. We believe that the world can't go better if human being doesn't focus on the Almithy God, our Creator first. For He is the Creator of the universe, knows its secrets and has the best solutions for its problems.

We are actually in Ivory Coast, and are in process to open branches in Ghana and Togo in first time, with hope we will be working in more countries in a close future.

NCA works in favor of children and young people, the future of our nations, by giving  them good conditions for the education and training in providing  Students' Hostels in towns, Financial and Food Assistance, Youth Listening & Counsel Centers, reintagration projects and Entrepreneurship assistance...

We are also involved in fighting against famine in developing countries by several agricultural programs, including our engagement in the fight against STDs / HIV-AIDS.

In addition, we work on a number of reforestation projects, which is for us a moral duty towards future generations.

You can visit our website here

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