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Creation of finances Source

New Conscience in Action (NCA) is an internationnal Christian sustainable development NGO.
So, to be really able to fulfill its gols, New Conscience in Action is plannning to make natural rubber plantation as a future financial source.
Natural rubber harvest

The followings are the plantation details

The followings are the plantation details:

Area: 10 hectare
Duration of the plantation till production: 7 years
Amount: 45 825 000F FCFA (local currency), around US$ 90 015 or again 69 860 Euros

Importtant: this amount includes land fees too

The benefice of this plantation will be used to create low cost hostels for students, orphanages, centers for children's entertainment, Vocational Training Centers, to provide sholarships...

So, we will be glad to have you as a partner of this ambitious project. For your donation, please contact us here.

For more information about New Conscience in Action (NCA), thank you for visiting our website

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